What is it like to work with Empowher You and Alex Bynum?

Stories and Testimonials

"I had a Life Activation with Alex Bynum and it was both a healing and energizing experience. She is meticulous with her work and is a very pure and clear guide of life activation energy. This is due in part to her natural gifts as well as her dedication to service and truly helping others. So much light! Through her Activation I feel a brighter light inside me and a deeper connection to my internal guidance. Thanks so much Alex!"

Anna Tsui, Former President of the Boston Business Women

"Alex is amazing at everything she does. Her spirit is infectious. Her desire to serve others is mystifying. Recently, she gave me a Reiki session to help yield the pain I get from Fibromyalgia. And boy did it help. I slept well for the first night in several nights with far less pain in my legs, shoulders and chest than I had been feeling. And any cold symptoms that were coming on are less severe. I feel honored to have her work on me to heal. Thank you Alex."

Michele Kay, Owner of Defining the Best You

"Just one long distance reiki session has given me the freedom to be calm, peaceful, and happy. Thank you Alex!"

Jessica Mishu, Owner of Blue Ridge Yoga

"I found Alex (or we found each other,) at the lowest point in my life. I was extremely sick, a complete mess, going in and out of hospitals all of the time and found myself searching for any form of support and healing. I needed change. I found these things and so much more than I could have ever imagined. My life has completely changed in the most wonderful, deeply amazing ways and it all started with this wonderful human and her work.

If you've found this page, I'm sure you were brought here for a reason. You should absolutely, seriously consider seeing Alex. I have strongly recommended seeing her to each and every person I've met who's struggling with health, wellbeing, or just being 'stuck' in their lives. If you're seeking self-knowledge and understanding or if you're searching for fundamental change in your life, to re-direct your path, I cannot
recommend this work more.

I do not have more love-filled words to describe how grateful I am to this woman and her work. I am infinitely lucky to have her in my life and I have no doubts you will feel the same way."

Sam Mix, Recent College Graduate

“So I need to share with everyone my experience about Life Activation. I'd been out of sorts for a little over two years, became totally debilitated, sleeping upwards of 20 hours a day. Unable to climb stairs, unable to cook unable to do anything or remember anything.

Life as I knew had ended. In December of 2013 I had a stroke and was in the hospital for 5 days. I had a new puppy at home I wanted to get home to but they had to run so many tests. I walked out of the room after my Life Activation and my son said "Mom you look ten years younger!" And I felt so light. I began cooking that day. Going for longer and longer walks and getting back to my old self. I'm still healing and moving thru my days accomplishing more each day and week. I'm sleeping 7-8 hours a day now, climbing stairs while doing laundry. I FEEL AMAZING AND I KNOW I OWE IT ALL TO LIFE ACTIVATION...as I progress I know I am going to be fine. Alex thank you so much.”

Catherine Lajoie-Houle, Mother & Grandmother

"Alex is an incredible healer. I recently received Spirit Activation with her. At the time I was going through a major transition and I felt incredibly stuck. I felt like I was getting in my own way and needed assistance. The session felt like it 'unglued' me and immediately I shifted. If you're looking for a healer who can take you to the next level Alex is your woman!"

Emily Leahy, Owner of Heal With Emily

"I had the privilege of receiving an Ensofic Ray session with Alex Bynum. I feel she holds a gentle and nurturing disposition rooted in a strong and confident foundation as a healer. My Ensofic Ray healing allowed me to feel safe and supported while looking at my shadows. Alex really is an incredible healer and the work she does has the power to be transformational."

Shawna Pelton, Holistic Health Practitioner

"I've grown more in 1 month working with Alex and these healing tools than I did in 61/2 years working with my therapist!"

Addie Leboeuf, Nanny

"I went to Alex for a Life Purpose Reading in November of 2014 and it was PROFOUND. She is very intuitive and in touch with her clients. My purposes are unfolding before my eyes. I met and married the woman that I have been asking the Universe for over 3 years, I am embarking on a career path that I didn’t expect, and my life is vastly different. She is the real deal and the recording of it is amazing so I can hear it over and over again. Thank You Alex!"

Brandon Boucher, Army Vet

"Alex is an amazing, genuine person! She was very thoughtful and caring about some current life dilemmas I have been experiencing. We first spent nearly an hour talking about my situations and how I have been feeling without feeling rushed. She is truly present and cares for your well-being.

I did the spirit activation and it has helped me become grounded and focused. Since my activation I have noticed especially that I have much more positive energy at work and with my kids (I am a teacher-which can be quite a stressful job. But, I have noticed that I am now 100 times more productive). This has given me more room to enjoy life outside of work and pursue different hobbies that I have been wanting to try. I feel excited about life! Communication does not stop after her service-She has since checked in with me to see how I have been doing and is readily available for questions.

I will say that everyone's experience with a healing is unique to the individual, but it is totally worth it and better than any therapy/mental help I have ever received. It truly digs deep inside you and restructures the good that is already within you. Again, HIGHLY recommend!"

Erin Ryan, High School Teacher

"I've experienced both a reiki session and life activation from Alex and it has changed my life. It opened my eyes to who I truly am and has brought me closer to my purpose each day. If you're ever feeling lost and as if you can't see clearly, she is the person to go to. You won't be disappointed and it will jumpstart your life and bring you back to your true self."

Amy Hall, Graphic Designer

"Since 1 year ago I've been through a lot of challenges and one of them was an abusive relationship that I was stuck in, I had most symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) due to the cycle of abuse I was suffering for 1 year.

One day I realized that "my family didn't raise me with so much love for me to allow somebody to come and do all of those bad things to me" so I decided I had to do something but didn't have the strength to do it on my own since I have no family here in this country. I needed professional help.

I started seeing Alex and since then my life has completely changed! Last Monday I went through a Life Activation with her and it was an amazing experience. I walked out of her door feeling a new person, stronger, more confident, happier and each day is better and better.

I was into this depression and now it even feels weird for me to feel so good this way because it wasn't something I was used to and Alex is helping me, she guided me and made it possible for me to be able to love myself again and have more confidence.

I was so stuck before and now I've been able to walk big steps towards my goals.

I just want to thank you Alex, life is good now and I'm glad to say that I'm ok now.

If you ask me to put in only one sentence what Alex did for me i would say "changed my life."

Flavia Rocha, Personal Trainer

"I just think its really really unfair that I've been given the gift of a Life Activation and others haven't yet!"

Emily Lange, Expressive Arts Therapist

"Alex was recommended to me twice by other spiritual junkies in the area for Reiki and Life Activation. When I finally contacted her, I don't think I even knew what I was looking for, I just felt this pull that it was time to reach out. I was coming off of a long road of emotional bumps and bruises and felt totally lost. I had spent a lot of time and focus trying to heal, but somewhere got stuck, and felt like I couldn't move forward. In our first appointment, I felt so comfortable, like I had known her for years. We each shared our stories, and she gave me a Reiki session that left me feeling incredibly at peace. I went home that night and immediately booked life activation with her.

Since having life activation, I've been more at peace with myself than I've been in years. I had a new awakening with my yoga practice, my meditation practice has gotten a million times stronger, and I have more forgiveness and comfort with my body and self than I have in a really long time, possibly ever. The best part is I'm not going to any of these things because of an attachment, I'm just able to find the balance, easier. I feel SO lucky to have been brought together by the universe, and I'm so excited to learn more! You're an amazing healer,
Alex! :)"

Shelby Stepanian, Yoga Instructor

"Alex is a gifted healer and insightful mentor. She is a respectable and honest teacher whom I look up to. The healing work she facilitates is not only gentle but powerful and transformative. Since receiving life activation, spirit activation, and empower thyself, I have become a stronger individual. The teachings and healings have allowed me to face and overcome various obstacles; ones which I never believed I was capable of achieving. If you need a positive life changing experience, I cannot recommend Alex enough."

Sabrina Eichin, Art Therapist

"Being aware of your $#!† is half the battle. Doing something about it is the catalyst for change.

This is where Alex and her expertise came in.

With the aid of Modern Mystery School teachings, she was able to help me transform my life.

The Detox series was very much a healing marathon (ten sessions: minimum one every month // maximum one per week). Due to personal circumstances, I chose one per week and Alex handled it like the BossBabe that she is.

She performed the healing rituals in a calm and centered way.

I don't quite know what it is about MMS teachings but they always hit the spot. After the sessions, I felt as though centuries-worth of baggage had been cleared. My mind has been infinitely clearer and my favorite part is how strong my intuitive pulses are. I have been yearning to connect with my intuition and to hear guidance more clearly (for a while now), and this series provided that and more.

I'm so proud of myself for investing time and effort into detoxing through this series. And I'm truly grateful for Alex and all the amazing work she did in order to help me reach new levels of insight.

One of the best parts of the series was our last session; it's completely different from all the rest. As soon as we finished we probably spent 5-10 minutes just laughing about all of the inside jokes we built throughout our time together. We even went out for ice cream afterward! She's not your average healer!

So if you've made it this far and are interested in doing this series: go for it! It's worth the before and after!"

Sindi Nune, Yoga Instructor

"Alex is really incredible. I had the Life Activation and she was so calming and trusting - she made me feel so at ease! I came into our session with a deep emotional wound and I could feel light pouring into it. Afterwards I just felt so relieved and like I could breathe again! I've continued to feel the immense benefits every day since our session. I cannot recommend the Life Activation highly enough!"

Megan Callahan, Professional Opera Singer


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