There's so much more for you to experience, explore, heal, and discover about yourself -

you just have to know where to start...

This is the beginning of your sacred journey...

I'm Alex Bynum, founder of Empowher You, Spiritual Guide, Professional Healer, Meditation Teacher, and Initiated Shaman in the Lineage of King Solomon.

I've owned a healing practice for 5 years and served women (and men) as a Professional healer and Spiritual guide to help many rediscover their own beauty and joy.

You may think of healing as something you associate with medicine, doctors, psychologists or something else...

But healing actually means to "make whole."

You are not broken. 

You don't need to be fixed.

You just need to find your way back to the most important path of all - the path home to yourself.

Where should you begin?

Your ideal start is Life Activation - the first step on the path of "Know Thyself."  Life Activation is a healing that has existed for over 3000 years, rooted in the lineage of King Solomon.

Imagine the process like a "reboot," where your energy field receives much more light and a DNA reading to help guide you.

If you're called to this process - this is where you begin.

However, I know you might want to get to know the amazing community here at Empowher You first, which is why I've created a wide variety of ways for you to start right now, using your own phone or computer.

I'm currently beginning a new program about how to heal your relationship with money. The course begins October 1st.  

Also, new episodes of the Empowher You Podcast are available regularly.

There are many paths you can choose - take the one that speaks to you.

Life Activation

The beginning on your path to "Know Thyself," Life Activation helps you to remember your truth, brings home a stronger connection to yourself, and infuses your DNA with light. 

Or Choose the Path That Speaks to You:

Meditation and Insight Timer

Designed to help you to heal and to let go, classes are guided differently each week with a variety of different themes. Through a guided meditation system known as Max Meditation System™, clients reveal that they leave the class feeling less stressed, more calm, and better able to breathe. 

Ancient Healings and Tools

Start your healing journey with tools, courses, training, and support.

Request a Complimentary Phone Consult! 

Do you have questions about Empowher You and/or energy healing? Feel free to request a complimentary phone consult below. I can't wait to hear from you! 


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