What services are offered at Empowher You?

Life Activation:

Experience the first step on the proven path of "Know Thyself." This 3000 year old healing modality reboots the energy field, sends light to your DNA, and includes a reading full of spiritual guidance. If you are ready for the catalyst to bring you back into alignment with your truth, this session is for you.

Spirit Activation:

Often considered the second step after Life Activation, Spirit Activation assists with clarity around your choices and decisions. If you are someone who feels stressed out easily, Spirit Activation grants you the freedom to stop apologizing for being you.

Negative Energy Removal: A session composed of 3 parts

1. Emotional Cord Cutting: Removes the unhealthy attachments between you and another leaving room for only love. 

2. Negative Energy Clearing: Eliminates any negativity that has been sent to you by another person. 

3. Aura Healing: Seals any holes in the auric field due to negativity, trauma, abuse, etc.

After all 3 parts are complete, you will feel much more home within you.

Ensofic Reiki/Crystal Healing:

Often a favorite session at Empowher You, Ensofic Reiki/Crystal Healing is a one hour session that works on body, soul, and spirit. Clients lay relaxed on a massage table as ensofic reiki is guided for 45 minutes. The session is then finished with a gentle crystal healing for assisting with mental and emotional health. 

Sacred Geometry 3: Your Ultimate Tool in Manifestation

Is there something you really want to manifest but haven't been able to bring into fruition? Sacred Geometry 3 is the key. Healing all 7 layers of your aura, this powerful Egyptian ceremony calls in that which you wish to receive. Whether its a new relationship, finances, community, health, etc. clients have used this session over and over again to manifest that which they truly desire.

Hermetic Soul Retrieval:

Often times when we experience trauma, aspects of our soul become fragmented. Through the hermetic soul retrieval, these aspects of ourselves are brought back together in order to become more whole. Welcome back home to your body, mind, and emotions if you choose to partake of this powerful session. 

Life Purpose Reading: 

Are you someone that constantly has questions? Do you desire deeper knowledge about yourself? Look no further than the life purpose reading. This half hour session taps into your DNA and is a full reading of your purpose a long with many other aspects of life such as your relationships, mission, gifts, etc. 

Spark of Life:

Don't live anywhere close to Boston, MA and desire to work with me? Look no further than the Spark of Life. This ancient healing modality is perfect for those looking to access more energy and vitality in their lives. Only facilitated from a distance, this is the perfect answer for those that want to heal but aren't in the immediate vicinity. 

Etheric Reconstruction:

This very sacred and holy session is key for clearing core issues. If you are struggling with the same patterns over and over again, this session is extremely powerful in letting go. This session happens in layers and as you are ready to let go, more and more layers can be removed. This is the most powerful healing session available. 

Empower Thyself Initiation:

This 2 day training is your best friend on the path of empowerment. Chocked full of the most powerful and sacred rituals available on the planet today, come learn how to stand in your higher self at all times. Imagine waking up in the morning and being able to direct your day within a few minutes to one that is in alignment with your highest truth. This training will do just that and has been used by Mother Theresa, the Beatles, JFK, Churchill, Joan of Arc, Shakespeare, Einstein, and many more. It is now available to you.

Classes available as well such as Max Meditation, Group Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, and Spiritual Intuition.