Don’t Play Small With Your Truth.

Have you ever not said what you wanted to say because you were afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings?

Well, this week’s newsletter is all about this theme.

Whether it’s a coworker, romantic partner, best friend, family member, etc., it can often feel so difficult to say what we need to say.

But what if we reframe these moments? What if we see our truth as a gift to give in our close relationships?

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it may cause a disruption. But the price of not speaking your truth is you don’t grow and the other person doesn’t have the opportunity to grow as well. It’s a disempowered, yucky place that causes us to get stuck.

A great way to see if you’re doing this in your own life would be to talk about a relationship that that’s very important to you. If you hear yourself saying “He/She feels…””He/She thinks…” over and over again, your truth may need more airtime. We often don’t realize how much we put what others feel/think in front of ourselves.

Does this resonate with you? If so, let me know. I’d love to hear more from you about where you see this happening in your own life and the lives of others.

Remember you’re not responsible for someone else’s feelings; you’re only responsible for your own truth.

Much love and looking forward to hearing from you.

“People don’t break your heart; they break your expectations.”

Relationships are often a point of pain or of pleasure. When it comes to romantic relationships, people have often experienced great pain.

But why? Did someone else actually break your heart?

Spiritual mentor Kyle Cease would say No. “People don’t break your heart; they break your expectations.”

Think about it. People break the expectations in our minds, they break the fantasy, they break our attachment to an outcome. They break hopes for the future; but they certainly don’t break the present moment. They just are being in that space.

Rather than being disempowered by a relationship, heal and bring yourself home to the now. From the now, you have a choice. From the now, you have your empowerment because based on what’s happening in any given moment, you get to decide what you want to do and what reality you will create. It’s never been about what’s going to happen; it’s about what’s actually happening right now.

If you’re super struggling with a particular person or relationship, I recommend an emotional cord cutting which cuts the ties energetically between you and another person. From this space, you can be free. From this space, you can come home to yourself.

The Tesla of Spirituality!

Our society has nailed it in terms of the cream of the crop with regards to products, education, etc. We’ve got Teslas, Apple, Harvard, Starbucks just to name a few.

But what about Spirituality? What about the cream of the crop Spiritually?

Well, guess what love. It does exist.

Though it’s only been available to the public for 22 years, a royal badass system of ancient healing tools does exist for helping you to be a bright light spiritually.

If you know somethings off in your life, if you’re looking for that missing piece, it might just be these healings that you seek. Life activation, spirit activation, and initiation…check out some testimonials and see how it feels for you.

Though not yet as big as Tesla or Apple, these ancient healings are currently being used by thousands and thousands of people and the numbers continue to grow. It’s just a matter of time till these healings are as well known as Apple and it’s available to you too. Right now.

No one can share your story like you can share your story.

Our personal stories can either be a way to bring more light to this world or to keep us in a disempowered state.

When we share our personal stories from an empowered state, we literally can bring hope and light to everyone who is blessed enough to hear it.

When we share our personal stories from a disempowered state, it often falls flat and loses impact.

We need healing in order to show up in our truth and share our personal story with the world. Our personal story is someone else’s medicine. Our personal story is the words someone else is waiting to hear.

If you’re struggling and not feeling empowered in your personal story, I invite you to take a look at energy healing and let’s heal or continue to heal together. Piece by piece, layer by layer, your truth can shine through and you can be a beacon of light for so many who are suffering.

I often share about healing from my 17 year eating disorder and hypothyroidism because the message of hope from those experiences helps so many. You can do it too.

How to help thousands and thousands of people…

I was being interviewed this morning on a podcast and the question was “So Alex, how can we help thousands and thousands of people?”

My answer? We start by helping one.

When we help one person, we help everyone connected to that person too. As that person grows, their community grows by default and thus touches the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

The next time you’re feeling down on yourself for not having enough impact, think about all of those one persons that you’ve helped. You are having a major impact on the world simply by being alive.

The other (even more profound) way to help thousands and thousands of people is by helping yourself, healing yourself, aka through your personal growth.

Think about it. As you rise, you invite everyone to rise with you too. This ripple of light goes out into the collective and creates a better world for all. If you’re like me and so many others who want a better world, the answer is and always has been you.

Spirituality is Practical!

I was on a speaking panel several weeks ago and the question I was asked was “What is the most challenging aspect of being a Professional Healer?”

Well, the answer is helping people to understand that spirituality is super practical.

You don’t have to go to the top of a mountain to become enlightened. You don’t even have to book retreats to Bali every year to stay in the game.

You can have spirituality highlighted in every moment of your daily life if you choose to experience life in this way.

What would be the advantage?

Well, what might your life look like if you heal blocks around money, time, and relationships just to name a few? Are you struggling in any of these categories? What if instead of constant struggle you could have more connection, more abundance…more JOY?

That’s pretty practical!

I know in my own life the more I do the work to heal, the more practical my life becomes. I have more abundance, more community, etc. Last week I even manifested a mini vacay to California! Spirituality is here for all of us to experience and to create better lives for ourselves; we just have to be bold enough to say yes.

Logic Isn’t Safer.

In fact, it’s illogical.

So many of us hide behind our minds.

It’s safe to understand things. It’s safe when things make sense.

But…what about the things we can’t explain? The things that are illogical and only felt by the heart?

This weekend I’m challenging everyone to step outside of their comfort zones and listen to the safer voice…your heart.

You heart knows joy, adventure, curiosity, love. It knows you far better than your mind ever could. It can lead you to greater awareness and trust of yourself as you discover more and more each day that within you are all of the answers.

Logic might seem safer but the heart feels life.

You’re Not Confused; You’re Attached.

How certain notions and ideas cause us to get stuck.

A common pattern I’ve been seeing across the board is clients coming in and saying they’re confused about their job, their relationship, their life, etc.

What if you’re not really confused? What if you’re actually just attached to a notion or idea?

You see, when we’re in our teenage years, society, movies, our parents, etc. program us with ideas about how our life is supposed to be.

For example, most of us were taught to “find the love of our lives” “get a really great job” or “start a business” etc. in order to be deemed “successful”. Then, when a relationship or certain agenda doesn’t go as planned, we feel what we think is “confusion” when in reality it’s just the pain of attachment.

My challenge for you today is to look at the places you feel “confused” in your life. Are you really confused or are you just attached? Are you ready to let go? Always here to support you.

Do You Really Want to be Happy? I’m calling BS!

Happiness vs. Joy

This morning I did a FB live on whether or not people actually want to be happier. There are so many books, songs, movements etc. for people to just be happy.

The question is…do we actually want to be happier? From my experience, happiness is always dependent on an outside force. For example, if your boyfriend buys you flowers, if you get a raise, etc. Happiness is very fleeting, temporary, and something we always have to chase.

What I feel that we actually want is JOY. Joy is stable. Joy is grounded. Joy can’t be thrown off because of an emotion like happiness or sad. It is the foundation within that isn’t affected by the outside world.

The only way to really have joy is to do the work to build it. Using ancient mystery school techniques, you can get there quickly with plenty of support to guide you along the way. I’m here for you when you’re ready.

Here’s the link to the FB Live if you’re curious:

Do you really want to be happy? I’m calling bs!

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