You’re Not Confused; You’re Attached.

How certain notions and ideas cause us to get stuck.

A common pattern I’ve been seeing across the board is clients coming in and saying they’re confused about their job, their relationship, their life, etc.

What if you’re not really confused? What if you’re actually just attached to a notion or idea?

You see, when we’re in our teenage years, society, movies, our parents, etc. program us with ideas about how our life is supposed to be.

For example, most of us were taught to “find the love of our lives” “get a really great job” or “start a business” etc. in order to be deemed “successful”. Then, when a relationship or certain agenda doesn’t go as planned, we feel what we think is “confusion” when in reality it’s just the pain of attachment.

My challenge for you today is to look at the places you feel “confused” in your life. Are you really confused or are you just attached? Are you ready to let go? Always here to support you.

Do You Really Want to be Happy? I’m calling BS!

Happiness vs. Joy

This morning I did a FB live on whether or not people actually want to be happier. There are so many books, songs, movements etc. for people to just be happy.

The question is…do we actually want to be happier? From my experience, happiness is always dependent on an outside force. For example, if your boyfriend buys you flowers, if you get a raise, etc. Happiness is very fleeting, temporary, and something we always have to chase.

What I feel that we actually want is JOY. Joy is stable. Joy is grounded. Joy can’t be thrown off because of an emotion like happiness or sad. It is the foundation within that isn’t affected by the outside world.

The only way to really have joy is to do the work to build it. Using ancient mystery school techniques, you can get there quickly with plenty of support to guide you along the way. I’m here for you when you’re ready.

Here’s the link to the FB Live if you’re curious:

Do you really want to be happy? I’m calling bs!

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