Trigger Warning!

Is there a particular co-worker that drives you insane?

What about a certain person in your life that whenever you see him or her you automatically feel stressed out?

Well, these are classic examples of triggers. Triggers are those moments when something or someone creates a negative response for you. Whether it’s your next door neighbor or the cashier at the grocery store, triggers show up in all sorts of ways.

Why do triggers exist?

I once had an international instructor with the Modern Mystery School tell me that my triggers were there to show me the places where I haven’t healed.

Then, this week my friend Rich shared that he was taught a trigger is just a response to something that’s already happened in your past.

Geez Louise.

So how do we heal then? How do we NOT get triggered?

The first step is identify in meditation where in your past you’ve felt this same feeling before.

Once you figure out the specific situation that led to the current feeling you’re now experiencing, you’re right on track to have more insight into you and your healing process and what the trigger is actually about.

From there, you can then receive the specific energy healing needed to clear the root of the issue (etheric reconstruction is great for this) so that you don’t have to keep experiencing the same emotional reaction over and over and over again.

Let me share that there is no greater joy than not being in reaction to something that once used to drive you insane.

Healing is always possible.

You are worth it.

Your Oppressor is Your Liberator.

I read a meme that other day that stated “Your Oppressor is your Liberator.”

How true and exciting is that!?!

Where one extreme exists, the other extreme must exist as well. These are the laws of our Universe.

So whether you are feeling blocked/challenged/suffocated by a relationship, your job, family, friends, etc. know this: those situations are exactly the place where you will set yourself free.

But how do we get there?

By diving in and doing the deep healing work that helps us to remember and embody our higher selves. From that place of truth and light, no oppression can exist.

Where are you feeling oppressed in your life? What healing do you need to move past it?

Be Purely Balanced Podcast!

I was recently featured on the Be Purely Balanced Podcast chatting about all things Initiation!

Whether you’re initiated or not, it’s an incredible episode where I sit down with Dr. Krystal Couture and do a deep dive on spiritual healing.

Topics include:

*Knowing oneself is the beginning and end of healing

*Stripping away what’s not really you

*The point of choosing to surrender or staying comfortable

*Love taps from the universe…and more

I hope you’ll take a listen over the weekend and share your feedback!

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think! <3

Resistance is Normal and it’s Good.

Ever notice that when you start something new that’s exciting and good for you about a day or a week later theres a feeling of dread that kicks in?

In fact, this is often the very reason we seek out healing, a new health regime, a new hobby, etc. because it forces us to grow to our next level. If we were never uncomfortable, we’d never change!

Well, I’m here to share with you today that resistance is normal and it’s good.

As I began to accept that resistance is part of the journey rather than a sign that something was wrong, my whole life moved forward in leaps and bounds.

When you feel the resistance, push forward anyways.

When you feel self doubt, keep going anyways.

Battles are won within.

I love you and believe in you.

Got Problems?

So often when we have problems they feel bigger than us, draining, all-consuming etc. We can even begin to think will I ever move past this?

In order to get over our problems, we must first grow ourselves. This means we have to become the person who can handle the challenges and the problems in front of us.

How do we do this?

Through healing, meditation, prayer, and lots and lots of commitment to yourself. It’s not about the other person, the situation, whatever’s going on in your life…it’s always been about you and what you need to heal in order to rise above the challenge.

I often tell my clients that I used to pray for the challenges I have today because I didn’t even know you could move forward in your life. I thought you put up with your problems and just dealt with them and that was life. I had no idea growing into the highest version of the woman/man you already are was possible and that you could progress onward to new things.

If this resonates for you, feel free to check out my Facebook live today, where I break down this concept even further (using stick figures too!)

You can find the link at:

Just Because I Know It, Doesn’t Mean that I Own It.

Have you ever sat down and read a great book where you were told “I am a spiritual being having a physical experience” or “I am the light” “I am love” etc.?

Felt really good in that moment right? Then what? Chances are you were left empty handed.

In order to have true mastery over something, you must own it aka have a direct experience. It’s not enough to just have knowledge about something; experience is when it becomes real for us.

For example, it wasn’t until I received a group healing where I had the experience of myself as a spiritual being that I really understood that there was much more to me than my physical body. I didn’t own that I was a spiritual being because someone told me about it.

If you’re looking for more experiences in your life aka ownership rather than just more and more knowledge, reach out or come to a meditation class to dive deeper into your own truth. I’m excited by the possibility that you can have greater self ownership with the ancient tools I have to assist you in the process.

Friendly reminder there is meditation class every Friday night from 6:30pm-7:30pm for $20.

Love to all.

Feeling Emotionally Drained?

When our physical bodies are tired, we have options like sleeping, napping, massage, vacation, etc. to begin anew. 

But what about when we’re emotionally drained? How do we reset?

Well, it turns out I have just the solution for you. The Isis Healing!

A new offering at Empowher You, this Ancient Egyptian healing is perfect if you’ve been feeling all out of sorts! Whether you’ve been going through a major transition, stuck, or just feeling scattered and all over the place, the Isis Healing will without a doubt offer you balance, focus, and peace of mind.

If your emotions are running your life, chances are you’ve been looking for something like this. It’s time to emotionally cleanse and reset with the Isis Healing!

For questions or to book, respond to this newsletter or text/call (865) 621-3785.

Time in Session: 60 mins

Cost: $220

Can’t wait to share the powerful Isis Healing with all of you!

Don’t Play Small With Your Truth.

Have you ever not said what you wanted to say because you were afraid of hurting someone else’s feelings?

Well, this week’s newsletter is all about this theme.

Whether it’s a coworker, romantic partner, best friend, family member, etc., it can often feel so difficult to say what we need to say.

But what if we reframe these moments? What if we see our truth as a gift to give in our close relationships?

Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it may cause a disruption. But the price of not speaking your truth is you don’t grow and the other person doesn’t have the opportunity to grow as well. It’s a disempowered, yucky place that causes us to get stuck.

A great way to see if you’re doing this in your own life would be to talk about a relationship that that’s very important to you. If you hear yourself saying “He/She feels…””He/She thinks…” over and over again, your truth may need more airtime. We often don’t realize how much we put what others feel/think in front of ourselves.

Does this resonate with you? If so, let me know. I’d love to hear more from you about where you see this happening in your own life and the lives of others.

Remember you’re not responsible for someone else’s feelings; you’re only responsible for your own truth.

Much love and looking forward to hearing from you.

“People don’t break your heart; they break your expectations.”

Relationships are often a point of pain or of pleasure. When it comes to romantic relationships, people have often experienced great pain.

But why? Did someone else actually break your heart?

Spiritual mentor Kyle Cease would say No. “People don’t break your heart; they break your expectations.”

Think about it. People break the expectations in our minds, they break the fantasy, they break our attachment to an outcome. They break hopes for the future; but they certainly don’t break the present moment. They just are being in that space.

Rather than being disempowered by a relationship, heal and bring yourself home to the now. From the now, you have a choice. From the now, you have your empowerment because based on what’s happening in any given moment, you get to decide what you want to do and what reality you will create. It’s never been about what’s going to happen; it’s about what’s actually happening right now.

If you’re super struggling with a particular person or relationship, I recommend an emotional cord cutting which cuts the ties energetically between you and another person. From this space, you can be free. From this space, you can come home to yourself.

The Tesla of Spirituality!

Our society has nailed it in terms of the cream of the crop with regards to products, education, etc. We’ve got Teslas, Apple, Harvard, Starbucks just to name a few.

But what about Spirituality? What about the cream of the crop Spiritually?

Well, guess what love. It does exist.

Though it’s only been available to the public for 22 years, a royal badass system of ancient healing tools does exist for helping you to be a bright light spiritually.

If you know somethings off in your life, if you’re looking for that missing piece, it might just be these healings that you seek. Life activation, spirit activation, and initiation…check out some testimonials and see how it feels for you.

Though not yet as big as Tesla or Apple, these ancient healings are currently being used by thousands and thousands of people and the numbers continue to grow. It’s just a matter of time till these healings are as well known as Apple and it’s available to you too. Right now.