How to Get What You Want.

My friend Karen always says “The Universe cannot take from you that which you’re willing to surrender.” You might want to read that twice.

It’s been a big week astrologically as some of you might already know and it’s been all about letting go aka surrender.

The question is what do you need to let go of/surrender in your life in order to get what you want?

Think about it. The only way to truly have something is to let go of it. Our ego wants force and control. Our higher self knows that when we let go and stay in the flow, we can truly manifest.

My own life led me to the perfect surrender example this week. There was a certain dress I really wanted to buy that was located in NH. Due to my schedule, I couldn’t drop what I was doing and just drive there which turned me into a force and control maniac! I went driving around to department store after department store trying to find it.

Yesterday, feeling exhausted from trying to force the dress to manifest, I gave up and just surrendered that I didn’t have to have it. Lo and behold, last night I went into a department store and there it was! Surrender always works!

Whether it’s relationships, jobs, friendships, etc…what do you need to let go of/surrender in order to get what you truly want?

As Yoda always says “You must train yourself to let go of everything you’re afraid to lose.”

Alex Bynum


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