Giving Thanks BEFORE your Breakthrough!

There has been a lot of talk this week around certain situations and challenges feeling insurmountable. You know the feeling? When you know what you need to do but you aren’t quite ready to do it…

One of my best tips for these moments in life?

Give thanks BEFORE your breakthrough. Visualize, express gratitude, and feel and see yourself as if the breakthrough has already happened.

Why does this work?

1.) It makes the breakthrough that much more tangible for you.

2.) Often when we don’t feel ready to take action on something, we completely shut down and judge ourselves. This allows you to keep momentum moving forward in the direction of what you truly want.

3.) By tapping into the feeling and vibration that something has already happened, you begin to believe and act as if it already has and thus, your breakthrough is well on its way.

As always, ancient energy healing is super supportive throughout this process as it helps you to grow into the man/woman you know yourself to be (aka the man/woman who knows deep down that nothing is insurmountable).

Alex Bynum


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