Trigger Warning!

Is there a particular co-worker that drives you insane?

What about a certain person in your life that whenever you see him or her you automatically feel stressed out?

Well, these are classic examples of triggers. Triggers are those moments when something or someone creates a negative response for you. Whether it’s your next door neighbor or the cashier at the grocery store, triggers show up in all sorts of ways.

Why do triggers exist?

I once had an international instructor with the Modern Mystery School tell me that my triggers were there to show me the places where I haven’t healed.

Then, this week my friend Rich shared that he was taught a trigger is just a response to something that’s already happened in your past.

Geez Louise.

So how do we heal then? How do we NOT get triggered?

The first step is identify in meditation where in your past you’ve felt this same feeling before.

Once you figure out the specific situation that led to the current feeling you’re now experiencing, you’re right on track to have more insight into you and your healing process and what the trigger is actually about.

From there, you can then receive the specific energy healing needed to clear the root of the issue (etheric reconstruction is great for this) so that you don’t have to keep experiencing the same emotional reaction over and over and over again.

Let me share that there is no greater joy than not being in reaction to something that once used to drive you insane.

Healing is always possible.

You are worth it.

Alex Bynum


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