Got Problems?

So often when we have problems they feel bigger than us, draining, all-consuming etc. We can even begin to think will I ever move past this?

In order to get over our problems, we must first grow ourselves. This means we have to become the person who can handle the challenges and the problems in front of us.

How do we do this?

Through healing, meditation, prayer, and lots and lots of commitment to yourself. It’s not about the other person, the situation, whatever’s going on in your life…it’s always been about you and what you need to heal in order to rise above the challenge.

I often tell my clients that I used to pray for the challenges I have today because I didn’t even know you could move forward in your life. I thought you put up with your problems and just dealt with them and that was life. I had no idea growing into the highest version of the woman/man you already are was possible and that you could progress onward to new things.

If this resonates for you, feel free to check out my Facebook live today, where I break down this concept even further (using stick figures too!)

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