Feeling Emotionally Drained?

When our physical bodies are tired, we have options like sleeping, napping, massage, vacation, etc. to begin anew. 

But what about when we’re emotionally drained? How do we reset?

Well, it turns out I have just the solution for you. The Isis Healing!

A new offering at Empowher You, this Ancient Egyptian healing is perfect if you’ve been feeling all out of sorts! Whether you’ve been going through a major transition, stuck, or just feeling scattered and all over the place, the Isis Healing will without a doubt offer you balance, focus, and peace of mind.

If your emotions are running your life, chances are you’ve been looking for something like this. It’s time to emotionally cleanse and reset with the Isis Healing!

For questions or to book, respond to this newsletter or text/call (865) 621-3785.

Time in Session: 60 mins

Cost: $220

Can’t wait to share the powerful Isis Healing with all of you!

Alex Bynum


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