Spirituality is Practical!

I was on a speaking panel several weeks ago and the question I was asked was “What is the most challenging aspect of being a Professional Healer?”

Well, the answer is helping people to understand that spirituality is super practical.

You don’t have to go to the top of a mountain to become enlightened. You don’t even have to book retreats to Bali every year to stay in the game.

You can have spirituality highlighted in every moment of your daily life if you choose to experience life in this way.

What would be the advantage?

Well, what might your life look like if you heal blocks around money, time, and relationships just to name a few? Are you struggling in any of these categories? What if instead of constant struggle you could have more connection, more abundance…more JOY?

That’s pretty practical!

I know in my own life the more I do the work to heal, the more practical my life becomes. I have more abundance, more community, etc. Last week I even manifested a mini vacay to California! Spirituality is here for all of us to experience and to create better lives for ourselves; we just have to be bold enough to say yes.

Alex Bynum


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