No one can share your story like you can share your story.

Our personal stories can either be a way to bring more light to this world or to keep us in a disempowered state.

When we share our personal stories from an empowered state, we literally can bring hope and light to everyone who is blessed enough to hear it.

When we share our personal stories from a disempowered state, it often falls flat and loses impact.

We need healing in order to show up in our truth and share our personal story with the world. Our personal story is someone else’s medicine. Our personal story is the words someone else is waiting to hear.

If you’re struggling and not feeling empowered in your personal story, I invite you to take a look at energy healing and let’s heal or continue to heal together. Piece by piece, layer by layer, your truth can shine through and you can be a beacon of light for so many who are suffering.

I often share about healing from my 17 year eating disorder and hypothyroidism because the message of hope from those experiences helps so many. You can do it too.

Alex Bynum


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