How to help thousands and thousands of people…

I was being interviewed this morning on a podcast and the question was “So Alex, how can we help thousands and thousands of people?”

My answer? We start by helping one.

When we help one person, we help everyone connected to that person too. As that person grows, their community grows by default and thus touches the lives of thousands and thousands of people.

The next time you’re feeling down on yourself for not having enough impact, think about all of those one persons that you’ve helped. You are having a major impact on the world simply by being alive.

The other (even more profound) way to help thousands and thousands of people is by helping yourself, healing yourself, aka through your personal growth.

Think about it. As you rise, you invite everyone to rise with you too. This ripple of light goes out into the collective and creates a better world for all. If you’re like me and so many others who want a better world, the answer is and always has been you.

Alex Bynum


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